How to tie a knot for hand sewing

How to tie a knot for hand sewing
I like to hand sew my quilt binding to the back of my quilts for a neat and tidy finish.  But I’m a mostly self-taught sewist and quilter and I never learned how to tie a knot in my hand-sewing thread.  So I made it up as I went along and truth be told, they were always a bit ugly and tended to tangle!

Then I learnt this knot.  I can’t remember who showed it to me, but it changed my hand sewing forever.  Tying knots became a pleasure!  So watch this video and learn the magic of tying a knot for hand sewing.

Thanks to The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady 




Charlotte has been quilting for more than 10 years, making both traditional quilts and art quilts and loving both processes. She teaches and writes about quilting to help introduce more people to this awesome craft. She lives in Northland on a boat with her husband, two children, a dog, a cat and two sewing machines – fabric and stitch are her escape! You can also find Charlotte's writings on her blog The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady


  1. Just one of the easiest one ever. I will be teaching my grandies this one. Thank you. lots.

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