Appliqué Circle Table Runner

This appliqué circle table runner tutorial is a great way to learn a new appliqué technique.  Appliqué is the process of applying fabric shapes to a base layer of fabric  There are so many different ways of appliquéing that it’s a matter of experimenting and finding your favourite.

Applique circle table runner

Circles can be a little tricky with many appliqué methods but this appliqué circle table runner tutorial will teach you a method that gives you perfect circles.  The circles are fusible (they will stick down with the heat of an iron) but are still pliable and ‘puffy’ – unlike traditional fusible web, which can make things a little stiff.

Once you have your circles made and applied, you can then machine appliqué them down with your favourite stitch (a blanket stitch, zig-zag or blind hem stitch work well) or hand appliqué them using whip stitch, blanket stitch or ladder stitch if that’s your cup of tea.

Krista, from Poppyprint, writes a good tutorial with plenty of explanatory photographs, so you’ll find this technique easy to learn and the tutorial easy to follow.

Here’s a link to the tutorial:

Thanks to Poppyprint



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