Pressing Quilt Seams

Pressing Quilt Seams

To keep a patchwork block neat and square with beautiful matching points, you’ll need to press your seams as you sew.  It seems (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!) there is a trend toward pressing quilt seams open to reduce bulk, versus the traditional method of pressing your seam allowances to one side.

So how do you press your seams?  Beth Maitland has put out a great little video discussing the two ways to press your seams and why you might choose to do one method rather than the other.

One of the main reasons to press your seams to one side is to use the ridge that this creates to ‘nest’ your seams and get perfect point matches.

Here’s a refresher video from The National Quilter’s Circle on pressing quilt seams to one side and nesting them.  Remember, when you are pressing quilt seams, keep your back and forth motion with the iron to a minimum or you will distort your quilt block.

Thanks to Beth Maitland and The National Quilter’s Circle 



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