How to Sew Equilateral Triangles

Ok, here’s a quick geometry lesson for you so we’re all on the same page.  A triangle has three internal angles, together they must add up to 180◦.  An equilateral triangle has three equal sides and three equal angles of 60◦.  Easy right?  The other interesting thing about equilateral triangles is they make stunning quilts!

How to Sew Equilateral triangles

The question you are now asking is,”Well they may look pretty, but how on earth do you sew equilateral triangles together?!”

And this is where Adrianne, a New Zealander who writes at ‘On the Windy Side’, comes in.  Adrianne has made several quilts using this beautiful shape and has written a great tutorial on how to sew equilateral triangles.

equilaterl triangles tutorial

And for the month of May Carols Quilts have their 60◦ triangle ruler on sale.  Yes, there are only a few days left in May, so hurry!  Use this ruler to cut equilateral triangles by cutting a strip of fabric the width you want and then using the ruler to cut triangles from the strip.  The ruler has the points trimmed so you can use it to trim the corners of your fabric triangles and reduce bulk in your seam allowances.

Here’s a link to Adrianne’s tutorial:

Thanks to Adrianne from ‘On the Windy Side’




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