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Karen K Buckley Perfect Adjustable square rule

Karen K Buckley Perfect Adjustable square rule

You’ve finally completed a beautiful applique block and you are rather proud of your achievement.  The next step is to ‘trim to size’ and you are suddenly seized with doubt that you will not be able to centre the design.  So you measure and remeasure just to make absolutely sure.  You purposely made the block larger but now the difficulty is getting it trimmed accurately.

Here is where the Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect adjustable square steps in and does away with all the hestitation and doubt.

In your beautiful decorative storage box (it’s worth it just for the box!) you receive: 4 corner units, 4 one inch, 4 two inch, 4 four inch and four eight inch pieces.  20 pieces in all.  These pieces snap together similar to a puzzle piece.  It will allow you to build a square from 4″, the inside of the square is in whole numbers, and up to a 24 1/2″ square, the outside is in 1/2″ increments.  You can easily use your rotary cutter along the outside of the Perfect Adjustable Square™.  Now you can accurately lay the ruler over your block and you can see at a glance if your applique design is centred.  Trim the block and you can happily start on your next one.



Mary has sewn and fabric collected all her life and feels that to combine both in quilting is a real joy. She has been quilting, teaching, pattern writing and selling fabric for the past thirty years and can’t think of a more wonderful and fulfilling creative outlet.


  1.' Sheryn Dennis says:

    Will the Perfect Adjustable Square be available at the Canberra Quilt Show … purchase?
    please advise. thank you

    • Sheryn, thanks for raising the question. Here at Quilting Focus we list various articles, shops and events which we believe are of interest to quilters. Unfortunately, for more information, you will need to contact the shop directly. Here is a link to Sewn and Quilted.

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