Quilt hanger from Annie’s Country Quilt Store

Wire quilt hangers from Annie's Country quilt store.

Wire quilt hangers from Annie’s Country quilt store.

Have you often finished a lovely small wallhanging and then wonder how on earth you are going to hang it on the wall?   Do you use conventional picture hooks, blu tack, nails and a wooden dowel?  Worry no longer as Annie’s Country Quilt Store has a whole range of wonderful wire quilt hangers for wall hangings from 4″ wide to 38″wide.  The added bonus is that the wire is shaped into interesting images such as stars, houses, hearts and trees, so you can even match the hanger to the theme of your quilt.

The detachable dowel slips into the hanging sleeve on the back of your quilt and then you can use a discreet nail in the wall or a picture hook to hang the quilt.



Mary has sewn and fabric collected all her life and feels that to combine both in quilting is a real joy. She has been quilting, teaching, pattern writing and selling fabric for the past thirty years and can’t think of a more wonderful and fulfilling creative outlet.

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