Sharon Schamber’s How to Thread Baste a Quilt

Sharon Shamber's how to thread baste a quilt

Sharon Schamber is a legend within the quilting world.  If you haven’t heard of her yet you’ve been missing out.  Her construction and quilting are pure mastery and she has been bestowed with so many awards and titles, they would take up this whole post to list.  But Sharon also loves to teach her methods and she has a wonderful YouTube channel dedicated to showing her techniques.

Basting a quilt is the process of securing your three layers (quilt top, batting and backing) before you quilt them together using either hand-quilting or machine-quilting stitches.  The most common methods are pin basting and thread basting.  Thread basting is usually used for hand quilting and pin basting for machine quilting.

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But Sharon Schamber is a little different.  In this video tutorial Sharon shows you how to thread baste a quilt in preparation for machine quilting.  She uses a couple of tools to make it a simple process with no painful kneeling on the floor!  Like all steps in quilt making, there are a dozen different ways to do them and Sharon shows you what works for her.  And it obviously does work as her award winning quilts will testify!

Have you ever used this method of basting?  We’d love to hear how it worked for you.  And if you have never tried it, will you try it now after watching this video?

Thanks to Sharon Schamber




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