Piece by Piece: Quilt As You Go Techniques

craftsy Quilt as you goCraftsy Course Review : Piece by Piece: Quilt As You Go Techniques By Marti Mitchell

What I learned

Note: I’m a beginner quilter and this was my first introduction to the “quilt-as-you-go technique”.

I’m in love with the patchwork-design part of the quilt process. The quilting part of quilt construction is not something I’m good at (yet).  I have a regular sewing machine and with children still at home, this isn’t going to change any time soon. With two complete quilt tops sitting in my little sewing room waiting to be quilted, you can see I procrastinate about finishing the project for two reasons:

  1.  I don’t look forward to dealing with all the bulk – the pushing and pulling, to get my simple quilt in the ditch method using a regular sewing machine – to get the quilt complete.
  2. The end result is always a little disappointing.

This class solved both these issues for me. The results are so much better on a regular machine and since the quilting is done at the same time, the project is just about finished when the patchwork part is done.

 What is the Quilt-as-you-go method?

The basic idea is to quilt all of your layers together, as you are piecing your quilt. So you work with a manageable block of backing – say 12 1/2 inch square with batting of the same size (depending on the joining technique) and then as you sew these onto the next piece, you are quilting all three layers together. Then you join all the already quilted blocks together.

The class covers both basic blocks like stripes, as well as more complicated blocks (eg Ohio Star Block) and how to adapt it to other designs. As well as several different methods for joining blocks, it also covers borders and binding. Because there are no time limits on Craftsy courses, I can see I will be going back to watch the more complicated blocks again as well as the borders section.


 About the Teacher – Marti Mitchell

Marti is lovely on camera, very natural and comfortable as a teacher. She included lots of little tips for the beginner as she teaches.

Marti is a very experienced quilter, who has been teaching for over 30 years and was named the 2004 recipient of the Silver Star Award, presented annually to “a living person whose body of work has positively influenced, promoted and developed the art of quilting.”

Her instructions are very thorough, and I was comfortable with the speed she covered the material.

This class gets a BIG like from me and I can highly recommend it for a beginner quilter. I wish I had bought this class several years ago!

You can read about what is included in a  Craftsy class, it is a lot more than online videos. Craftsy classes are a great way to learn something new and keep improving your patchwork and quilting.

Have you tried the Quilt As You Go technique? Let me know in the comments.

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Tarnya is Quilting Focus' webmaster and a beginner quilter who hasn’t ventured much outside pre-cuts and quilting in the ditch. She is excited by modern short cut quilting techniques which makes quilting so much more achievable for those who are quite short on time. She enjoys making quilts for her children who she says do not notice mistakes and feel loved by what she makes. "I appreciate how learning and improving my quilting, cross pollinates into other creative areas of my life: for example colour, balance, proportion are important to quilting, but they are also important to web design."

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