Embracing Pixel Quilts and my inner Nerd!

pictues to pixelsThis post is a review of the Craftsy Course Review : Pictures to Pixel Quilts By Caro Sheridan.

I fell in love with the idea of  pixel quilts when I saw a pixeled quilt of the Tenth Doctor (Dr. Who) and then Sherlock Holmes and then Captain Picard. It’s kind of a dream to unite my love of quilting with my love of sci fiction. Have a look at our pixel quilt board on Pinterest – that Sherlock Holmes is amazing! In my quest to learn what I might be getting myself in for, I enrolled in the Craftsy Course  Pictures to Pixel Quilts By Caro Sheridan.

What I learned

I learn a great deal about how to increase the accuracy of my quilting (that’s a few videos into the course, and IMHO worth doing just for that.) I learned a great deal about excel ! I already knew a bit about photo editing from my job as a web designer. So be warned the first section of the course covers pixelating photos, spread sheets and yardage calculations. All this appealed to me but might not to others. You will really become an excel guru if you learn everything in the course. She does cover how to do the whole process with graph paper if you prefer. I don’t think I will be making  pixel quilt of my favourite sci fi hero anytime soon but the idea of pixel quilts still very much appeals. Caro’s project in the course is a photo of her eye, perhaps something from Mindcraft for one of my sons might be doable.  I am really pleased I took the course to understand what I might be getting myself into. I found a pixelating service if the idea of the sewing appeals but the calculations does not. The course also covers how to keep organised with all those squares and some really helpful information showing the importance of the method of putting the quilt together in an organised way so you are happy with the finished product. A few threads out over several squares is really going to add up. Caro shows how to minimise these issues.

 What is a pixel quilt?

A pixel is a unit of message on a computer screen or on a digital photo. So a pixel quilt is  sewing squares together to make a picture. It is a little like cross stitching a picture but instead of a cross you use a square of fabric. You usually can’t tell what the overall picture is unless you look at the quilt from some distance.

 About the Teacher – Caro Sheridan.

Caro is a photographer and a quilter. I found her presentation peaceful and her approach very systematic. I enjoyed hearing how she first got involved with quilting. I suggest you start a few videos into the course  to watch her sewing those little squares together first and all her useful tips for accuracy and then return to the more technical topics of photo selection and the planning and calculations.

You can read about what is included in a  Craftsy class, it is a lot more than online videos. Craftsy classes are a great way to learn something new and keep improving your patchwork and quilting.

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Tarnya is Quilting Focus' webmaster and a beginner quilter who hasn’t ventured much outside pre-cuts and quilting in the ditch. She is excited by modern short cut quilting techniques which makes quilting so much more achievable for those who are quite short on time. She enjoys making quilts for her children who she says do not notice mistakes and feel loved by what she makes. "I appreciate how learning and improving my quilting, cross pollinates into other creative areas of my life: for example colour, balance, proportion are important to quilting, but they are also important to web design."

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