Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

In twelve days time it will be November and that certainly is the start of the countdown to Christmas.  I love Christmas and all the wonderful decorations, the sparkly ornaments and the peace and happiness that tends to invade shops and just people generally.  A few years ago I vowed I would make one Christmas quilt each year.  I had a vision of beautifully folded quilts in a cupboard and getting the grandchildren to choose one to snuggle under for that Christmas.  Well only a few Christmas quilts later and my first grandchild to be born at the beginning of December I thought I should be doing a lot more to fulfil this dream!  Now I know I have plenty of books full of Christmas Quilt Patterns that would make any number of stunning Christmas quilts but it’s fun to type in ‘free Christmas quilt patterns’ into ‘google’ and see what you get for even more inspiration.

An easy Christmas tablerunner |  Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

An easy Christmas tablerunner

First of all at the top of the list is ‘Images for free christmas quilt patterns’.  If you are just wanting to wander around quilts and be inspired, then click on the images and you will soon lose yourself in an amazing array of quilt designs.  If you want to follow one, then click on the image and then on ‘visit page’.  You will then find out whether the Christmas quilt is just for show, is a purchasable pattern or is one of the free giveaway patterns that often appear on blogs and websites.  If it is a free pattern, either copy and paste the instructions into a word .doc or there may even be a ‘download’ button and this will download the pattern onto your computer, remember to save it where you will be able to find it again.  The obvious choice would be a folder called ‘Free Quilt patterns’ and then a subfolder called ‘Christmas quilts’.  Usually downloadable files are saved as .pdf files (portable document format) and to open and print from these files you will need Adobe Reader on your computer.  If you don’t have this programme you can download it for free from

A fun applique christmas mini quilt |Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

A fun applique christmas mini quilt | Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

I’ve just downloaded a couple of mini Christmas quilts so I’m off to start choosing fabrics.  See, it’s really easy and there’s no reason why you won’t be sewing within the hour!

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Mary has sewn and fabric collected all her life and feels that to combine both in quilting is a real joy. She has been quilting, teaching, pattern writing and selling fabric for the past thirty years and can’t think of a more wonderful and fulfilling creative outlet.

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