Tips for attending a large Quilt Show

Photo-7-10-15-11-35-29-amCarol from Carols Quilts in New Zealand recently attended the October Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair. She offered some wonderful advice for New Zealanders visiting an Australian Quilt Show. I am sure they also might be useful for Australians visiting New Zealand too 😉 And in fact anyone attending a large Quilt show.

What is your favourite tip for making the most of a Quilting Show? Do let us know in the comments. My tip would be not to attend with small children!

Carol writes

If you are thinking of going across the Tasman to a show, I would recommend allowing 2 – 3 days to do everything, I wish I had more time to really study the exhibition, and attend some of the classes.

And here are her tips

Some tips for attending a large Quilt Show:

– Wear good walking shoes and take a small bottle of water with you, plus a muesli bar for sustenance.
– First, walk up and down all the aisles first to check all the merchants out, make notes of the products you are interested in, the name of the merchant and the stall number so you know you can find them again.
– Bring a wheelie bag for your new purchases. This is heaps easier than carrying a large bag over your shoulder.
– Have lunch early, at 11:30, before everyone else thinks of it!
– And if you just want to look at the exhibition quilts, I have found that Sundays are always the quietest days.
– But if you want to purchase something new, the early days of the shows are the best, as the merchants quite often sell out of their popular products.
– And the quietest times for shopping: while everyone is at lunch, between 12 and 1, and an hour before closing, and of course Sunday.
– Finally, if you are a serious shopper who likes to plan: when you first enter the show, head out to the far corner first then work your way back to the entry. Because that’s the opposite of what everybody else does!



Tarnya is Quilting Focus' webmaster and a beginner quilter who hasn’t ventured much outside pre-cuts and quilting in the ditch. She is excited by modern short cut quilting techniques which makes quilting so much more achievable for those who are quite short on time. She enjoys making quilts for her children who she says do not notice mistakes and feel loved by what she makes. "I appreciate how learning and improving my quilting, cross pollinates into other creative areas of my life: for example colour, balance, proportion are important to quilting, but they are also important to web design."


  1.' Ms Lottie says:

    Smart! Especially about heading the opposite way to everyone else when you are shopping. Festival of Quilts is coming up fast, so I’m going to keep some of these in mind.

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