Firecracker Quilt

I love this gorgeous Firecracker quilt from Coriandar Quilts.

Fireworks By Coriander Quilts

The Fat Quarter Shop has made a video showing how to make the quilt. It uses 2 jelly rolls and a background fabric, a 30 degree triangle ruler and a 6 1/2 square ruler. If you only have 1 jelly roll, Corey suggested you could add some coordinating solids from your stash which I think is a fantastic idea! You will probably want to use small to medium prints for this quilting project. The co-ordinating fabric if you have one jelly roll could be a solid colour of similar saturation. I think it looks best if you choose a jelly roll where the strips are basically one colour.

I wonder what it would look like with a black background, but then I am into black background quilts at the moment.

Here are some other quilters who have made this project

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It looks really complicated, but it’s not. It involves strip piecing  and some careful cutting. Watch the video so you can see how!



Tarnya is Quilting Focus' webmaster and a beginner quilter who hasn’t ventured much outside pre-cuts and quilting in the ditch. She is excited by modern short cut quilting techniques which makes quilting so much more achievable for those who are quite short on time. She enjoys making quilts for her children who she says do not notice mistakes and feel loved by what she makes. "I appreciate how learning and improving my quilting, cross pollinates into other creative areas of my life: for example colour, balance, proportion are important to quilting, but they are also important to web design."


  1. I have a jelly roll that has been languishing in my stash for far too long. This might be the pattern that I’ve been waiting for!

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