Go Ahead Take That Quilting Class

I’m a bit of a quilting class junkie, I try and take at least one or two classes each year and this is despite the fact that I have been quilting for quite a long time. I honestly don’t think it is possible to know every thing there is to know about your craft. It isn’t just about learning it’s also about that interaction with fellow like-minded individuals. Lets face it most non-quilters just don’t get it when you talk about it – you know you see their eyes glaze over.

In this age of YouTube, Craftsy and other online classes I think a lot of us forget the importance of participating in a real class situations with a teacher and other students. It’s the transference of skills and shared inspiration that you don’t get from the Internet. The ability to draw from other peoples experience and viewing another student’s choices that can get your creative juices flowing.



This year I have taken classes with Jen Kingwell and Wendy Williams both classes were fantastic and went beyond expectations. Jen Kingwell is just amazing and I loved her style of teaching it was so laid back, she let the students choose what they wanted to learn went through patterns in her book. She was just so giving of your time and information. I learnt so much in the two days I felt like a sponge just sucking it all in.

It was my second class with Wendy Williams, and I think I took in more this time than I did in the previous class. Wendy’s work is so intricate, her quilts fill with so many exquisite minute details. As I love embroidery almost as much as applique it was another perfect weekend spent with friends new and old.

Tips for heading out to class

class3• Be prepared, make sure you have all your requirements before the class begins leave last minute purchases to the minimum or make sure you get to class well before the start time so that you are ready when the class is scheduled to start.

• Be on time

• Make sure your machine and other equipment is in good working order.

• Don’t monopolies the teacher’s time. Everyone has paid to be at the class and everyone deserves equal attention.

• Be respectful of the teacher and fellow students

• Take notes or use your smart phone/camera to document the things you have learnt with photo’s.

• Be flexible, go with the flow, try to relax and most of all enjoy yourself

Amanda Bergamin

About Amanda Bergamin

Amanda has been quilting for 20 years and sewing most of her life having learnt from her mum and nana. She started Seabreeze Quilts about 5 years ago designing patterns for her etsy shop. Her favourite technique is needle turn applique, but she also uses machine applique, machine quilting (she quilts all her own quilts usually by machine) and machine piecing. No matter how long Amanda has been quilting she know the value of classes and learning from others. As well as teaching beginners classes, Amanda always makes sure to take at least one or two classes a year, as there hasn’t been a class she has attended where she has not learnt something new from the teacher or other students. Over the last two years she has run a free BOM on her blog seabreezequilts.blogspot.co.nz. Patterns for the month are available for free then up for sale in her etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/seabreezequiltsoz for a small price so you can catch up if you want to join in.


  1. I miss taking quilting classes, it is so much fun to watch how other’s use colors and interpret a design.

  2. twemyss@orcon.net.nz' Tina Wemyss says:

    I just love taking the workshops! After years of Saturdays enjoying myself and now retired I have bins full of unfinished projects because a working Mum does not get time off during the week. My Saturdays were so precious laughing and learning and generally increasing my knowledge of quilting that I don’t mind now going through the projects and finishing each one and donating them to a worthy cause!

  3. twemyss@orcon.net.nz' Tina Wemyss says:

    Just back from the Auckland Quilt meeting At Freemans Bay in Auckland and saw the gorgeous beautiful quilts that won all the prizes! Not in the least miffed I did not win anything as these ladies outdone themselves! The winning one must’ve driven the poor lady mad with all the small pieces but then again she might just be the kind that thrives on that kind of pressure but the prize was so well deserved! Now to ignore the mess my husband made in the kitchen and get down to sewing that free Christmas runner to grace the table when all the family of which there are very few as I am a refugee from worn torn Europe in the early 50’s but treasure the family I have made and now am a proud grandmother! Happy Christmas to you all and a very happy and prosperous New Year!

    • Thank you Tina. They were inspiring quilts – I also enjoyed the show. If you going next year we must try and meet for a coffee!

  4. twemyss@orcon.net.nz' Tina Wemyss says:

    Happy New Year to the wonderful team at Quilting Focus, may your days be bright and your dreams come true! May love and kindness follow you and health and wealth close behind!

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