Free Quilt Block Pattern

Beautiful  quilts start with beautiful designs, and the simplest unit of design in a quilt is the block.


Many traditional blocks are incredibly lovely, but when you take a closer look at the construction, you’ll find scary y-seams and funny trapazoid shapes. Historical quilt makers were hand or English paper piecing and were able to easily deal with these techniques.

Amy, from Badskirt, has taken the complex, traditional Castle quilt block and written a free quilt block pattern on the Sew Mama, Sew blog.  The Castle block has y-seams and interesting shapes like octagons, but Amy makes these easy for us by showing us how to do point to point sewing on a machine.


Point to point sewing is a method of stopping and starting so you don’t sew into your seam allowances.  This lets you pivot your shapes and create really smooth y-seams.  Confused?  Follow Amy’s tutorial and I promise it will all make sense!

This free quilt block pattern would be the perfect start to a very special quilt.  Can you imagine all those precious fabrics you’ve been stashing put together in this beautiful block?  And if a whole quilt made with this technique seems a little daunting, this super-sized block would make a great cushion!


Thanks to Amy of Badskirt and Sew Mama, Sew




Charlotte has been quilting for more than 10 years, making both traditional quilts and art quilts and loving both processes. She teaches and writes about quilting to help introduce more people to this awesome craft. She lives in Northland on a boat with her husband, two children, a dog, a cat and two sewing machines – fabric and stitch are her escape! You can also find Charlotte's writings on her blog The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady

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