Happy New Year – organise those quilting UFOs for 2016

Happy New Year!

I presume you have plans for 2016 and perhaps among all the ideas and challenges you are setting yourself you may have decided that 2016 is the year for finishing some of your quilting UFOs – Unfinished Objects – for those who may not have heard the term before.

Storage for my Quilting UFOs

Storage for my Quilting UFOs

Some quilters prefer to write a list of all their quilting UFOs and then tick them off once they have been completed.  A few years ago my list was well over 30 and to stop feeling depressed about all these projects (not to mention the cost of the fabrics etc.) that languished in my cupboards I decided that the list idea was not for me.  Instead I love to file and make neat piles in my cupboards.  Always a great excuse to visit the storage places! I have a box filled with patterns I hope to make some day – every so often I rummage through the box and pull out a pattern or two that I then make.  The rule is that it is not to end up a UFO, if I get it out of the box then it must be finished.  In another box I have kits – ouch these look expensive – once again if I take one out of this box then I must finish it otherwise it has to stay in the box until I have the time and inclination to complete the project.

Of course this hasn’t helped my pile of UFOs that have already been started before I set myself these rules.  In these cases I put each UFO will all its matching fabric, pattern etc into a container. When I was doing this I found that some UFOs only needed a border or the blocks sewn together and as I’m a great ‘quilt- top maker’ I needed a small boost to get it to the quilting stage.  Often I still couldn’t face the quilting so I would prepare the backing and cut and sew together the binding and then put it all back into its storage box so that when and if I did get to quilt it (or I give it to some else to quilt) then everything was ready.   Also when I looked at some UFOs I had to ask myself – do I still like the pattern/fabrics/design?  If the answer was no then I would put the fabrics back into my stash, give away the pattern or save the project for the ‘silent auction’ at our next Guild meeting.  Sometimes you really do have to cut your losses and move on.

So the decision now is do I spend some time reorganising my quilting UFOs or perhaps it’s time to start a new project for 2016!  I see some silks that I have been collecting…..



Mary has sewn and fabric collected all her life and feels that to combine both in quilting is a real joy. She has been quilting, teaching, pattern writing and selling fabric for the past thirty years and can’t think of a more wonderful and fulfilling creative outlet.


  1. imurield@hotmail.com' Muriel Dick says:

    I just loved reading your ideas re UFOs and getting them finished
    Certainly an inspiration for 2016 and I resolved to get on……..like you, many only need a border or other small piece stitched in.
    Here goes for a great year
    Happy and Prosperous year to all

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