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I am a bit of a geek, I love having the latest gadget, and that of course manifests itself in my quilting life. I’ve always used the computer to help with quilting. At first I used Quilt Pro as that was the only software available at the time, I don’t know if it still is going as since I moved to EQ I haven’t looked back. There are a  great variety of quilting programs on the market. Let us know  your recommendations in the comments.

Swamp Angel Block into a quilt | Designing using Quilting Programs

I know that I don’t use EQ7 to its full potential but I love fooling around with settings and such and doing diagrams in EQ before heading out to the sewing room. Its great for discovering those secondary patterns that might develop when identical blocks are put together. You easily turn blocks to affect the way they interact with each other without making them and putting them on a design wall.

The next two quilts are made from the same block just different arrangement of the dark and light within the block.

Dutchman puzzle block quilt 1 | Designing using Quilting Programs

Dutchman puzzle quilt 2 | Designing using Quilting Programs

My latest quilt BOM was designed straight up on EQ before heading off to stitch. Of course it has changed a bit from the first design and that is the beauty of EQ you can have multiple versions of the quilt in the project, and that means if you don’t like where your design has headed you can go back to a previous version of the quilt or completely start again, all without having to cut into precious fabric.

As I have said I don’t think for one minute that I am an expert in EQ I mainly just fiddle with the program and if I need to do something specific I usually have to pour through the manual to get it to work the way I want it to. But the great thing about EQ is that it has excellent tutorials inbuilt and the manual is filled with step by step lessons from cover to cover. I just haven’t had the time to go through them or it may just be that I am too impatient to just jump in and play. There are now online classes through the EQ that you can do and sometime in the future I may even enroll and there a number of books on EQ that show you how to get more out of the program.

So do you EQ maybe you should give it a whorl.

Amanda Bergamin

About Amanda Bergamin

Amanda has been quilting for 20 years and sewing most of her life having learnt from her mum and nana. She started Seabreeze Quilts about 5 years ago designing patterns for her etsy shop. Her favourite technique is needle turn applique, but she also uses machine applique, machine quilting (she quilts all her own quilts usually by machine) and machine piecing. No matter how long Amanda has been quilting she know the value of classes and learning from others. As well as teaching beginners classes, Amanda always makes sure to take at least one or two classes a year, as there hasn’t been a class she has attended where she has not learnt something new from the teacher or other students. Over the last two years she has run a free BOM on her blog seabreezequilts.blogspot.co.nz. Patterns for the month are available for free then up for sale in her etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/seabreezequiltsoz for a small price so you can catch up if you want to join in.


  1. twemyss@orcon.net.nz' Tina Wemyss says:

    I applaud people that use it as I have no imagination, I follow patterns! Each time I try it turns to custard so over it! I make nice quilts and that is enough for me!

    • I think my imagination runs over a bit too much. At least I don’t have to make all the quilts in my head if I do them on Eq.

  2. dorothymasterton8@gmail.com' Dorothy Masterton says:

    Hi Amanda, I’m a bit like you, I love playing with my EQ7 computer program, I’ve designed dozens of different quilt patterns with it, and I love changing the colours to get different visual effects. My latest obsession is foundation piecing, and its so easy to use all the different EQ7 patterns, I just print them to the size I want and start sewing! I haven’t really mastered everything it can do yet – I’m still learning, but its a lot of fun!

    • I’ve been meaning to do some foundation piecing using EQ just haven’t got round to it. I have some embroidery blocks that I have made that I want to do a Mariners Compass with but it just hasn’t happened yet. I’ll get there when the whim strikes again.

  3. arnsfamily@xtra.co.nz' Jennie Arns says:

    Hi Amanda, love your comments about EQ. Especially about not having mastered everything yet. There is sooo much to learn – I did the same as you. Just dove in but feel like I am only scratching the surface. One thing that I did go in depth on was foundation piecing like Dorothy Masterton. I got to the point where I could design my own patterns by importing a picture. The only thing is that unless you are doing it all the time, it is so easy to forget so you end up having to relearn things. Thanks for the info on on line classes…..I have made a note to google and find out more.

    • Amanda Bergamin Amanda Bergamin says:

      I’m a bit of a scatter brain like that I forget and have to go back to the manual to work it out again. I keep promising myself that I will go through all the additional books that I have so that I know all there is but it just doesn’t happen.

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