Inspiration and Refuelling Your Sewing Mojo

The last 6 months has seen me struggling to find my sewing mojo this has been really hard to accept because I use to some form of sewing everyday. Writing for Quilting Focus has helped me to be inspired and slowly increase my need to sew but I’m still not sewing everyday but I am getting there.

A couple of years ago I joined a link in party with a blogger friend in the US. As part of it there was a commitment to sew or craft or 15 minutes a day and report on it once a week. Quite often 15 minutes turned to half and hour or even longer if it was a weekend or I had a project that I could do in the evening so it really recharged the sewing mojo.

So what inspires me?

Sometimes a deadline helps. I find that if I have a deadline I can get anything done even If I only make it by the seat of my pants.


Or I head to the local quilt shop and find that a good start. My LQS usually has an excellent display of the latest must have fabrics.


LQS InspirationBut I find my major port of call is Pinterest? I spend a lot of spare time trawling through Pinterest. I have heaps of pins of a lot of stuff that inspire me. I have a wide variety of boards, everything from my latest music crush, to books I want to read through to craft and then of course quilting and embroidery which are the most populated. Sometimes its just about the eye candy other times it is all about the information to hold for another day and to draw on when I need it.

Pinterest boards to inspire

I go through phases, but now I try to concentrate on quilting designs, colour and embroidery not just every craft imaginable. One of the great things about pinterest (some will disagree) is that your feed throws up stuff similar to what you have already pinned so it helps when you are trying to build your boards.

So what inspires you? What gets you cutting fabric or stitching to the wee small hours?

Amanda Bergamin

About Amanda Bergamin

Amanda has been quilting for 20 years and sewing most of her life having learnt from her mum and nana. She started Seabreeze Quilts about 5 years ago designing patterns for her etsy shop. Her favourite technique is needle turn applique, but she also uses machine applique, machine quilting (she quilts all her own quilts usually by machine) and machine piecing. No matter how long Amanda has been quilting she know the value of classes and learning from others. As well as teaching beginners classes, Amanda always makes sure to take at least one or two classes a year, as there hasn’t been a class she has attended where she has not learnt something new from the teacher or other students. Over the last two years she has run a free BOM on her blog Patterns for the month are available for free then up for sale in her etsy shop for a small price so you can catch up if you want to join in.


  1. I’m a big Pinterest fan too – one can disappear for hours !!! I do like to start a new board when I have a new project in mind to crystallise my ideas as well as have boards for some day maybe projects and general inspiration.

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