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Do you love BOM (Block of the Month)?

I have to admit I have a love of collecting them. Unfortunately they rarely get finished, quite a few are gathering dust in my sewing room probably never to see light of day. But then again they may very well be my retirement nest egg for when I can’t afford to buy supplies.

2015 Free BOM

There are quite a few free Block of the Mouth on the web that you can dip you feet in a try. There are also some lovely sites that lists lots of Free BOM on their page all in one spot usually with a image of the quilt on offer so you can join in with your eyes wide open.

Most of the BOM have rules, perhaps they are only free for 24 hours and then you have to pay for the pattern, or free until the next pattern goes up and you can purchase previous patterns, or free forever. Some include a linky party so if you have a blog you can show your progress and share with others in the group and be included in a virtual sewing bee.

These free BOM are great for the beginners as well as more advanced quilters, as there is a lot of variety out there at any given point in time all starting at different times of the year. You are sure to find something suitable for your skill level or one that will stretch you just that bit more.

So how do you go about finding these free patterns. Quite often a designer will regularly do a free BOM, so if you follow them you might find when their next free pattern starts. But if you google free BOM there are a lot of results.

I have listed a couple that offer a list of BOM for you to check out.

Seams to be Sewing has a great collection of BOM and a great little key at the bottom so you know what type of BOM it is (if its free, you have to register, free for a bit etc). Check out the 365 day sampler if you are up for a challenge, when you go to the page it offers up different colour ways as well.

Has a list of BOM, Quiltalongs and Linky Parties

Blog run by Angie Padilla with a list of free BOM.

So that should get you started have a bit of a surf and see what you feel like doing and jump right in.

Amanda Bergamin

About Amanda Bergamin

Amanda has been quilting for 20 years and sewing most of her life having learnt from her mum and nana. She started Seabreeze Quilts about 5 years ago designing patterns for her etsy shop. Her favourite technique is needle turn applique, but she also uses machine applique, machine quilting (she quilts all her own quilts usually by machine) and machine piecing. No matter how long Amanda has been quilting she know the value of classes and learning from others. As well as teaching beginners classes, Amanda always makes sure to take at least one or two classes a year, as there hasn’t been a class she has attended where she has not learnt something new from the teacher or other students. Over the last two years she has run a free BOM on her blog Patterns for the month are available for free then up for sale in her etsy shop for a small price so you can catch up if you want to join in.


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  2. Let me also mention here that Susan at: does a really great job of keeping people up to date daily on her blog. Her blog is only about events happening on the web that pertain in someway to sewing, or quilting, embroidery etc.. It’s a really great site to also follow along with.

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