The Basics of Quilt Basting

I love this tutorial done by Man Sewing featuring Rob Appell, check out his youtube channel because he has some awesome other tutorials.
In this video Rob focuses on walking us through the basics of quilt basting, and then moving onto a giant project: taking a big quilt being able “shove that big quilt into your small little sewing machine” for machine quilting. Actually he shows a technique that doesn’t involve shoving at all! Now why didn’t I think of rolling and bicycle clips instead of scrunching!
Rob takes us through some easy to follow steps in order to baste a quilt top, batting and backing together. It is crazy to see some of the tool he uses to create his quilts, they include blue painters tape, clamps, spray baste curved safety pin and bicycle clips!

Many newbies can find Quilt Basting pretty scary, I know I did. My first quilt was made with my daughter when she was 13 and I was petrified to do the backing in case I ruined the beautiful time consuming work of art that we had done together! If you get the quilting basting correct, the quilting is going to go so much better. I had a wee sewing machine and I wish that I had used his techniques as I think my lines would have been a lot straighter and the quilting much better. I had to unpick a bit because it was gathered at the back 🙁

Rob has 15 years of quilting experience and it is great to see his enthusiasm about quilting is still going strong. Check out the video below and Happy Quilting!



Tarnya is Quilting Focus' webmaster and a beginner quilter who hasn’t ventured much outside pre-cuts and quilting in the ditch. She is excited by modern short cut quilting techniques which makes quilting so much more achievable for those who are quite short on time. She enjoys making quilts for her children who she says do not notice mistakes and feel loved by what she makes. "I appreciate how learning and improving my quilting, cross pollinates into other creative areas of my life: for example colour, balance, proportion are important to quilting, but they are also important to web design."


  1.' Dorothy Masterton says:

    Hi Tarnya,

    thanks for this article on basting from Rob Appell, this is usually my biggest problem when quilting, (I sometimes end up with puckering or folds on the back!) so all these extra tips are helpful.

    • Thanks Margaret. I’ll the same as you. This video was so helpful! And I hate unpicking puckering and then trying again and often it is still no so good. I am so looking forward to trying this method. Yesterday I bought some clamps from the local hardware store:-) I am fortunately that I do have a large dining room table.

  2. I am a ‘fabric fiddler’ and am standing on the edge of the quilting scene. This is the first time I have browsed your website and it has definitely urged me to want to ‘give it a go’. There is much food for thought for an almost beginner such as myself, as well as the pro-quilter. I think I might just have to dive in and start a quilting project with the inspiration and guidance Quilting Focus offers, (and some quilting wisdom from my Mum!)

  3. Thanks for your positive feedback Susan. Do dive in and let us know how you go 🙂 Lots of inspiration on our Pinterest Boards as well!

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