X and O Quilt Block

There are lots of versions of X and O quilts out there on the web to oogle at, but I think I’ve found the simplest tutorial so you make your own X and O quilt block.  What’s even better than being simple, is that it’s such a great video; fun, fast and comprehensive.

[youtube id=”37U0EOcabYM”]

The block that Teresa Downunder shows us in this tutorial is actually called Road to Tennessee.  But it can be arranged in so many different ways!  I like it best as the X and O quilt block, so that’s why I’m sticking to calling it that!  Of course, if you played around with colour combinations and darks and lights, you might have a quilt that looked completely different again.  The possibilities are endless!

x and o quilt block2


Teresa Downunder has a great little YouTube channel with more of these fast and fun quilt block tutorials and her blog has written and photographed tutorials if that is more of your thing.

PS – save the little triangles you trim off the blocks, sew them together on the long side, open them out and you have a cute little half-square triangles to use for something else.  Coasters perhaps?

Thanks to Teresa Downunder




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