Quilting Programs – EQ7

I am a bit of a geek, I love having the latest gadget, and that of course manifests itself in my quilting life. I’ve always used the computer to help with quilting. At first I used Quilt Pro as that was the only software available at the time, I don’t know if it still is …read more….

L’uccello, Quilt Shop Melbourne

Every year the employer of my day job, flies me to Melbourne for their annual Xmas party, yes I know I’m lucky. Usually I extend the visit by a few hours and do some shopping but I decided against it this year. So unfortunately I was only able a flying visit to my favourite quit shop …read more….

Christmas Swaps

Over the years I have participated in a few Christmas swaps and the most rewarding and fun were Christmas Ornie swaps. What are Ornie’s? I hear you ask. Ornies is the name given to handmade ornaments for decoration. They are very popular in Primitive Crafts and it was with a Prim Group on the internet …read more….

On Point Quilts the Maths

Above is my example of  on point quilts. I called it ” North and South” and it will be in an upcoming issue of Handmade it may be even the next issue, I’ve kind of lost track. It was called “North and South” because at the time of its creation I was binge watching North and South on Netflix …read more….

Putting It All Together – Finishing your quilt top

Here are some tips for finishing your quilt top. The way we put blocks together can change the look of a quilt. Some blocks might scream to be sashed for example a sampler with large blocks, your choice of sashing will bring the quilt together. Identical blocks might create mind blowing secondary patterns by being …read more….

Half Square Triangles

Once you master a half square triangle a beginner’s world opens up to endless block possibilities. If you look any number of quilting blocks you realize that many of them contain this basic building block. Over the years there have been quite a few gadgets and systems developed to accurately piece a half square triangles, …read more….

Learning about Colour for Quilts

I was asked by one of my beginner students this year how do you go about learning about colour for quilts?  How do you know that those choices are going to look good together? It is kind of a hard question to answer. I have found that my colour sense has developed and changed over …read more….

Go Ahead Take That Quilting Class

I’m a bit of a quilting class junkie, I try and take at least one or two classes each year and this is despite the fact that I have been quilting for quite a long time. I honestly don’t think it is possible to know every thing there is to know about your craft. It …read more….

For the Love of Script Quilting Fabric

I have an admission to make – I have an addiction. Like all quilters it is of the fabric variety. I admit, I usually don’t find it hard to walk into a fabric shop and buy fabric, but it turns to obsession when I see fabric with script on it. It’s impossible to fight the …read more….