The Great NZ Quilt Show

I’m getting excited!  May is on its way and with it, The Great NZ Quilt Show! The Great NZ Quilt Show is being run by Aotearoa Quilters, our national association, and promises to be several days of wonderful quilt related activities.  This is the inaugural show and it is envisaged that it will be held …read more….

Gorgeous Easter Sewing Projects

Easter, and the long weekend that comes with it, will be on us before you know it.  Have you ever sewn up some little Easter baskets or bunnies?  If you haven’t, here are some ideas for Easter sewing projects.  Either make them before Easter to add some fun and magic to the day, or tackle …read more….

X and O Quilt Block

There are lots of versions of X and O quilts out there on the web to oogle at, but I think I’ve found the simplest tutorial so you make your own X and O quilt block.  What’s even better than being simple, is that it’s such a great video; fun, fast and comprehensive. [youtube id=”37U0EOcabYM”] The …read more….

Super Easy Quilted Table Runner Pattern

This quilted table runner pattern is so super easy that it’s almost cheating!  I love this idea for using up scraps of Christmas or other holiday themed fabric, or for making a really quick gift as a housewarming present or a hostess gift.  This would also be a great project for beginners or to introduce …read more….

Design your own quilt blocks – using paper and fun!

Want to design quilt blocks but don’t want to cut into your precious fabric? See how we used scrapbooking paper to play with quilt block design.

Colour! Choosing a Glorious Colour Palette for Quilts.

Ahh, the seduction of colour!  Colour schemes can be described as wild, luscious, soothing, shocking, brave, rich – so many wonderful adjectives!  So how do we decide on a colour palette for quilts?  Do you start with a piece of focus fabric?  Or do you start with a colour and choose fabric from that? One fun …read more….

How to Find Time to Quilt

How to find time to quilt is a common quilters conundrum.  Let’s explore how to squeeze some more quilting time into our busy lives. When non-quilters are admiring my work, one of the most common questions they ask is, “Where do you find the time?”.  The other statement I hear frequently is from quilters themselves, …read more….

How to Make a Quilt Label

Labelling your quilt is super important!  At the very least, it shows you take pride in your work, and at the most, in 100 years it will provide a quilt historian important information about the origins of the quilt!  So here is a great little video about how to make a quilt label. Quilt labels …read more….

How to make a Stained Glass Appliqué Quilt

Stained glass appliqué is a beautiful technique for making quilts that gives the appearance of stained glass to the quilt top. There are a few different methods for achieving this look, including reverse appliqué, mosaic style appliqué and even needle turning tiny black strips of fabric!  I think the easiest method uses black bias tape …read more….

Quilting Fiction – enjoy a quilt themed novels.

Are you a reader as well as a quilter? Or are you a writer who is also a quilter? It seems there are several authors who are also quilters and who have quietly incorporated their hobby into their day jobs by writing quilting fiction. I first became aware of quilting themed fiction when I saw a …read more….