Colour! Choosing a Glorious Colour Palette for Quilts.

Ahh, the seduction of colour!  Colour schemes can be described as wild, luscious, soothing, shocking, brave, rich – so many wonderful adjectives!  So how do we decide on a colour palette for quilts?  Do you start with a piece of focus fabric?  Or do you start with a colour and choose fabric from that? One fun …read more….

How to Find Time to Quilt

How to find time to quilt is a common quilters conundrum.  Let’s explore how to squeeze some more quilting time into our busy lives. When non-quilters are admiring my work, one of the most common questions they ask is, “Where do you find the time?”.  The other statement I hear frequently is from quilters themselves, …read more….

How to Make a Quilt Label

Labelling your quilt is super important!  At the very least, it shows you take pride in your work, and at the most, in 100 years it will provide a quilt historian important information about the origins of the quilt!  So here is a great little video about how to make a quilt label. Quilt labels …read more….