The Great NZ Quilt Show

I’m getting excited!  May is on its way and with it, The Great NZ Quilt Show! The Great NZ Quilt Show is being run by Aotearoa Quilters, our national association, and promises to be several days of wonderful quilt related activities.  This is the inaugural show and it is envisaged that it will be held …read more….

How to create a Quilt Pattern on a Cake

This is a bit of a different post, I love the idea of creating a quilt pattern on a cake. The only tools you need other than a cake of course! Is a 90 degree drafting triangle, ruler, some pins and paper. Even for someone as unadventurous as myself when it comes to baking, I …read more….

Quilting Fiction – enjoy a quilt themed novels.

Are you a reader as well as a quilter? Or are you a writer who is also a quilter? It seems there are several authors who are also quilters and who have quietly incorporated their hobby into their day jobs by writing quilting fiction. I first became aware of quilting themed fiction when I saw a …read more….

Easy Quilted Christmas Tree

It’s a little late for this Christmas, but I love this easy quilted Christmas tree idea. They are no sew, so involve hardly any time and would be a great Mum and daughter activity. It’s not really quilting, but a great way to get a younger child excited about using fabric. This easy DIY project …read more….

Christmas Gifts for Quilters Part 2

You asked for it, so we’re back with another collection of Christmas gifts for quilters and sewers – and anyone else deserving of your hand-made loveliness!  It seems we are not the only ones who recognise the thoughtfulness and care of a handmade gift.  We had so many positive comments about our last collection of …read more….

Christmas Gifts for Quilters

Do you want me to tell you how many days it is till Christmas?  I won’t, because it makes me cringe, so I’m sure it does the same to you!  Yes, Christmas is coming, and with it, the season of gift giving and receiving.  Are you swapping Christmas gifts with your stitching group?  Do you …read more….

Auckland Festival of Quilts 2015 – Hand quilting

I was lucky enough to visit the Auckland  Festival of Quilts 2015 over the weekend.  There were plenty of gorgeous quilts on display, and the new venue had better lighting and more space in which to view them to their full potential.  There were a few trends I noted and I’m going to talk about one of …read more….

2015 Auckland Festival of Quilts – fabulous show!

2015 Auckland Festival of Quilts was held over Friday, Saturday and Sunday last weekend for the first time at a new location of the AMI Netball Stadium in Mt Wellington.  A fabulous venue, light and airy. It was wonderful to have all the exhibits plus the merchants on the one floor.  The aisles were wide …read more….

Tips for attending a large Quilt Show

Carol from Carols Quilts in New Zealand recently attended the October Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair. She offered some wonderful advice for New Zealanders visiting an Australian Quilt Show. I am sure they also might be useful for Australians visiting New Zealand too 😉 And in fact anyone attending a large Quilt show. What is your …read more….