Turquoise holly leaves and red berries on this Free Christmas table runner | Quilting ProjectsQuilting Projects

Here is an collection of quilting projects from Quilting Focus.
This is great place to drop by and get inspired and motivated to make something really special!

We have a variety of projects for beginner through to the advanced quilter. So matter what your style or the size of project you are looking for, I am sure you can find something here to inspire.

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The Three Dudes Quilt

Two worlds collide! – Man Sewing tutorials and Jenny Doan of Missouri Quilting tutorials! Check out their channels for some awesome quilting inspiration. This video is particularly cool as I love this gorgeous quilt that seriously looks amazing. I love Rob Appell’s style, and as a more conservative quilter I envy how he does a lot …read more….

Gorgeous Easter Sewing Projects

Easter, and the long weekend that comes with it, will be on us before you know it.  Have you ever sewn up some little Easter baskets or bunnies?  If you haven’t, here are some ideas for Easter sewing projects.  Either make them before Easter to add some fun and magic to the day, or tackle …read more….

Connector Corners and a Free Quilt Pattern Peppermint Twirl

Back in the early 80’s a little lady wrote a book “It’s ok to sit on my quilt” her name was Mary Ellen Hopkins. This book was ground breaking. She introduced the connector corner to the quilting world. So what is a Connector Corner You simply place a square of a different colour or value …read more….

Super Easy Quilted Table Runner Pattern

This quilted table runner pattern is so super easy that it’s almost cheating!  I love this idea for using up scraps of Christmas or other holiday themed fabric, or for making a really quick gift as a housewarming present or a hostess gift.  This would also be a great project for beginners or to introduce …read more….

Summer Quilt Patterns

It’s Summer.  And phew, it’s hot!  And who wants to sit under a pile of fabric and batting and get all sweaty, right?  But let’s face it, the glorious Summer weather isn’t going to last and before you know it, those nights will turn chilly and there will be fights over who gets to put …read more….

The long awaited Color Strata Quilt Tutorial!

I love Man Sewing Tutorials. One can’t help noticing that amazing Color Strata quilt in the background of his studio. I’m not the only one who noticed it. Rob Appell has received lots of requests : we all want to know how to make that quilt or a variation of it! And the tutorial is …read more….

Black and White Quilts

Black and white quilts are an enduringly popular genre of patchwork.  The simple, graphic quality of light and dark distils a quilt down to its most basic element – pattern.  The pattern itself can be traditional, modern, stylised or complicated, but it must be clear and distinct for the beauty of black and white to …read more….

It’s Christmas! Free Christmas table runner quilt pattern

As the festive season takes hold, we would like to share with you a free table runner pattern designed just for Quilting Focus.   This Christmas themed table runner is modern, easy and totally Christmassy and will look great as the centre piece of any table spread, whether it be a traditional roast dinner, an outdoor …read more….

Baby quilts for boys in mind

With my first grandchild arriving sometime in December this year I have been thinking about baby quilts and I’ve enjoyed searching Pinterest and google images for lots of ideas.  Of course I have way too much fabric on hand and I could make several baby quilts without more shopping but new fabric specifically for a …read more….

Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

In twelve days time it will be November and that certainly is the start of the countdown to Christmas.  I love Christmas and all the wonderful decorations, the sparkly ornaments and the peace and happiness that tends to invade shops and just people generally.  A few years ago I vowed I would make one Christmas …read more….