Guidelines for Comments

We encourage users to add their comments to the listings on Quilting Focus and on our blog.

These are guidelines for adding your comments, and note that all comments are moderated before being added.

Write helpful comments: That will help other users of Quilting Focus. .i.e. where to park, a good cafe near by, etc.

Use Appropriate Content: Just say nice things, no bad language or harassment.  If you cannot think of anything nice to say, don’t say it.

Promotional Content: Will not be permitted, unless it is done by an editor of Quilting Focus, then we clearly state that it is promotional content.

Privacy of Information: Do not print anyone’s private information.

Conflict of Interest: Comments are there to help other users to know more about the listing, not to promote your business.  Comments will not be accepted from the business owner.

Copyright and Intellectual property: Your comments are your own, not copied from other web sites