How To Quilt

Welcome to our wonderful resource to help you learn how to quilt.
Here you will find tutorials, articles, projects and recommended classes to help you on your quilting journey.
We aim to cover the basic skills as well as advanced. We want to inspire you to find your unique style and approach that fits with your personality and your goals. If you have a great resource you would like to share with us let us know.

  • Easy Quilts with Precuts
  • How to Start Patchwork and Quilting - Tools and Equipment
  • Organising your Quilting Space
  • Fabric - Why we love Patchwork and Quilting
  • Patchwork Blocks
  • Cutting your fabric
  • Applique Techniques
  • Piecing and Patchwork
  • Assembling your Quilt
  • Quilting Techniques
  • Finishing your Quilt
  • How do I keep learning to Patchwork and Quilt
  • Advanced Skills
  • Embellishment Techniques and Ideas
  • The Social Side of Quilting