Here is an collection of easy quilting projects for beginners from Quilting Focus.
If you’re looking for a simple quilting project to help you practice and learn some basic quilting skills, Here is a place to start. Any skills you are not sure about you will find advice in our How to Quilt section.

Super Easy Quilted Table Runner Pattern

This quilted table runner pattern is so super easy that it’s almost cheating!  I love this idea for using up scraps of Christmas or other holiday themed fabric, or for making a really quick gift as a housewarming present or a hostess gift.  This would also be a great project for beginners or to introduce …read more….

How to make an Irish Chain Quilt

There is something so incredibly great about simple quilts that look awesome, especially the way that the Irish chain quilt works so perfectly. I love the nine patch because it is one of the easiest quilts to make. This process just involves a 9 patch block and a regular block and it automatically chains: easy!! …read more….

Summer in the Park Quilt with a Black Background

I wrote about Summer in the Park Quilt and joked about making the Summer in the Park Quilt with a black Background and calling it Nightime at a concert. Well it came out much better than I thought. I don’t think the title fits because it isn’t really like a concert. Perhaps if I had chosen some …read more….

An Easy Quilt with two Jelly Rolls : Summer in the Park

Here is an easy quilt with two Jelly Rolls: one solid (ie plain colour) and one whatever you like. It is easy and quick using some great short cuts. In the video and the pdf tutorial the solid colour was white but I am thinking of doing this with black and using a grey themed …read more….

Disappearing 9 patch quilt

Sometimes a simple quilt design is all you need to make a stunning quilt.  There is no end to the variations that a disappearing 9-patch quilt block can be turned into.  This particular quilt design has been dubbed ‘disappearing 9-patch’ because you start with a 9 patch block and then with two cuts you have four …read more….

How to Sew Equilateral Triangles

Ok, here’s a quick geometry lesson for you so we’re all on the same page.  A triangle has three internal angles, together they must add up to 180◦.  An equilateral triangle has three equal sides and three equal angles of 60◦.  Easy right?  The other interesting thing about equilateral triangles is they make stunning quilts! …read more….