Happy New Year – organise those quilting UFOs for 2016

Happy New Year! I presume you have plans for 2016 and perhaps among all the ideas and challenges you are setting yourself you may have decided that 2016 is the year for finishing some of your quilting UFOs – Unfinished Objects – for those who may not have heard the term before. Some quilters prefer …read more….

Drawstring bags make great Christmas presents

If you are running short on time to sew a gift for Christmas then perhaps a drawstring bag may be just the answer.  These nifty bags hardly need a pattern and they can come in all shapes and sizes and you can personalise your fabric choice for the recipient. For example I have a shoe mad …read more….

Aboriginal Quilting Fabric Gallery

Wow!  here are some amazing fabric designs!  Stunning graphics and colourways.  I couldn’t decide on whether to get the black and white dot design by aboriginal artist Kathleen Pitjara called Plum Seeds Black or the fat eighth bundle of striking Australian flora by Pat Weeks who is a resident artist in Alice Springs. Each aboriginal …read more….

Why are owl quilts so popular?

Owls have been extremely popular over the past couple of years and their popularity doesn’t seem to be waning, so I’ve decided to accept them and enjoy them. Quite a few fabric designers have used owls as their theme (coupled with foxes, but these are for another time) and produced owl panels for baby quilts, …read more….

2015 Auckland Festival of Quilts – fabulous show!

2015 Auckland Festival of Quilts was held over Friday, Saturday and Sunday last weekend for the first time at a new location of the AMI Netball Stadium in Mt Wellington.  A fabulous venue, light and airy. It was wonderful to have all the exhibits plus the merchants on the one floor.  The aisles were wide …read more….

For the Love of Script Quilting Fabric

I have an admission to make – I have an addiction. Like all quilters it is of the fabric variety. I admit, I usually don’t find it hard to walk into a fabric shop and buy fabric, but it turns to obsession when I see fabric with script on it. It’s impossible to fight the …read more….

Fatbacks, wide width backing fabrics

One of the joys of almost finishing a quilt is to choose a suitable backing for the quilt.  There are several ways that you can enhance your quilt top with an interesting quilt back which can often give the quilt a double life.  Many years ago I decided to choose backing fabric/s that were completely …read more….

Fabric scraps that turn into ‘I Spy’ quilts

Once you’ve made one quilt you start to accumulate scraps – fabric scraps, some large, some teensy but all with gorgeous patterns and colours and you think ‘I’ll just keep this piece, it may come in handy for some applique…’ Over time the fabric scraps grow and you find that many of the fabric scraps …read more….

Liberty Tana Lawn Quilting Fabric from Calico and Ivy

Liberty’s tana lawn fabric is a fine, high thread count 100% cotton lawn, making it especially suitable for clothing, accessories and as a lawn quilting fabric. What is a lawn fabric? Lawn is fabric made from very fine high thread count to produce a smooth, untextured surface. The fabric sample shown is called Scharing from the …read more….

Extra wide quilt fabric from Fatbacks.

Fatbacks is an online store specialising is extra wide quilt fabric so that you don’t have to join your fabric when backing a large quilt.  The standard width of most of their fabrics is 108″ or 272cm wide.  View their full selection line at Fatbacks.co.nz.  This fabric sample is a white curlique pattern over a …read more….