Design your own quilt blocks – using paper and fun!

Want to design quilt blocks but don’t want to cut into your precious fabric? See how we used scrapbooking paper to play with quilt block design.

Colour! Choosing a Glorious Colour Palette for Quilts.

Ahh, the seduction of colour!  Colour schemes can be described as wild, luscious, soothing, shocking, brave, rich – so many wonderful adjectives!  So how do we decide on a colour palette for quilts?  Do you start with a piece of focus fabric?  Or do you start with a colour and choose fabric from that? One fun …read more….

Free Quilt Block Pattern

Beautiful  quilts start with beautiful designs, and the simplest unit of design in a quilt is the block. Many traditional blocks are incredibly lovely, but when you take a closer look at the construction, you’ll find scary y-seams and funny trapazoid shapes. Historical quilt makers were hand or English paper piecing and were able to …read more….

Happy New Year – organise those quilting UFOs for 2016

Happy New Year! I presume you have plans for 2016 and perhaps among all the ideas and challenges you are setting yourself you may have decided that 2016 is the year for finishing some of your quilting UFOs – Unfinished Objects – for those who may not have heard the term before. Some quilters prefer …read more….

Black and White Quilts

Black and white quilts are an enduringly popular genre of patchwork.  The simple, graphic quality of light and dark distils a quilt down to its most basic element – pattern.  The pattern itself can be traditional, modern, stylised or complicated, but it must be clear and distinct for the beauty of black and white to …read more….

Quilt inspiration from colouring in books

I’ve just been browsing at my local book shop and not only on the book shelves but in the magazine section there is a huge number of books designed for colouring-in.  What used to be a children’s activity and one which we have all grown out of, colouring-in is now touted as both a pleasant …read more….

Why are owl quilts so popular?

Owls have been extremely popular over the past couple of years and their popularity doesn’t seem to be waning, so I’ve decided to accept them and enjoy them. Quite a few fabric designers have used owls as their theme (coupled with foxes, but these are for another time) and produced owl panels for baby quilts, …read more….

2015 Auckland Festival of Quilts – fabulous show!

2015 Auckland Festival of Quilts was held over Friday, Saturday and Sunday last weekend for the first time at a new location of the AMI Netball Stadium in Mt Wellington.  A fabulous venue, light and airy. It was wonderful to have all the exhibits plus the merchants on the one floor.  The aisles were wide …read more….

Baby quilts for boys in mind

With my first grandchild arriving sometime in December this year I have been thinking about baby quilts and I’ve enjoyed searching Pinterest and google images for lots of ideas.  Of course I have way too much fabric on hand and I could make several baby quilts without more shopping but new fabric specifically for a …read more….

Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

In twelve days time it will be November and that certainly is the start of the countdown to Christmas.  I love Christmas and all the wonderful decorations, the sparkly ornaments and the peace and happiness that tends to invade shops and just people generally.  A few years ago I vowed I would make one Christmas …read more….