Quilting Tools

If you are just starting out on your quilting journey, here are the 6 essential quilting tools you will need.
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6 Essential Quilting Tools


A woman's arm pressing a Quilt Seam with an Iron, one of the essential Quilting ToolsCarpenters have a saying that you should measure twice and cut once, and this is probably a good rule to apply to quilting too. Begin to invest in a series of rulers of different lengths. I suggest 6 1/2″ by 15″ is a good first one because of the extra length.


Another great quilting tool is a rotary cutter – a small sharp wheel with a handle that you can run along fabric. These make it quicker to cut fabric and often give a neater line than traditional scissors.

Cutting Mat

You will also need a  cutting mat. They have dimensions printed on them. If you want to use a rotary cutter, it is essential that you invest in a cutting mat so that you don’t end up with grooves in your table and a blunt cutter!

Sewing Machine

It is possible to sew quilts by hand, and many people choose this option, but it can be hard work and time consuming. If you decide to machine, sew your quilt then definitely spend a little extra and get a good model. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to be hardwearing and comfortable to use. Spend some time researching online or through friends and if you can look at the machine in store before you buy. If you can, borrow a machine and have a go before you commit yourself. Do service it regularly. You will also need a 1/4 inch seam foot.

Needles and pins

Whether you are hand sewing or machine sewing, you are going to need plenty of needles and pins to get your project completed. Buy a selection of lengths and thicknesses and make sure you have something to keep them in so they don’t end up all over the floor.

A good iron

Once you have finished your quilt you want it to look its best, particularly if it is a gift or to be sold. A good quality iron and ironing board will help you present the quilt nicely.

You might also like to watch a video on basic quilting tools.

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Taking the mystery out of quarter inch seams.

One of the first ‘rules’ you read about in quilting is the essential quarter inch seams that you use to sew all your blocks together.  When I first started quilting the quarter inch seemed miniscule after many years of sewing all my clothes with 5/8 inch seams. Don’t get too bogged down with  quarter inch …read more….

Perfect Adjustable square from Sewn and Quilted

You’ve finally completed a beautiful applique block and you are rather proud of your achievement.  The next step is to ‘trim to size’ and you are suddenly seized with doubt that you will not be able to centre the design.  So you measure and remeasure just to make absolutely sure.  You purposely made the block larger …read more….

Quarter inch Sewing Guide tool for adding seam allowances to applique pieces

This handy little Sewing Guide tool will let you easily and accurately add a ¼” seam allowance to any applique shape, no matter how curvy or intricate the shape is.  Often an applique pattern, especially if it is designed for fusible web applique, doesn’t include the ¼” turn under required for hand applique but this Sewing …read more….

The Basic Quilting Tools You Will Need

Just beginning your quilting journey? Welcome. In this video tutorial you will learning some of basic quilting tools you will need to get started on that very first quilt! Thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop Here is my list of 6 Basic Quilting Tools  Rulers  Carpenters have a saying that you should measure twice and cut once, …read more….