Simple Heart Quilt Tutorial

Hearts are popular for quilts for babies, quilts made to cheer people up, Valentine’s Day quilts, quilts for people going through illness, red and white quilts or just a quilt for no particular reason other than to show a little quilted, cuddly love.

Simple Heart Quilt Tutorial

Allison from the popular quilting blog ‘Cluck Cluck Sew’ has created a bright and cheery quilt that would appeal to many different ages.  She has generously shared a instructions in a simple heart quilt tutorial.

Allison’s tutorial uses simple stitch and flip methods to create the heart point and rounded tops.  The blocks are 7 inches finished and would be easy to upsize to a 14 inch block.  Imagine one giant heart made out of a fabulous focus print, surrounded by smaller hearts in simpler fabrics for a medallion type quilt.

This simple heart quilt tutorial also lends itself to a dark background and super bright hearts, or perhaps a navy background and red and taupe hearts for a more masculine look.  An alternative to making a whole quilt would be to make just four of these simple heart quilt blocks and turn them into a sweet pillow or cushion to brighten up a room or bed.

Here is a link to the tutorial:

Thanks to Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew



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